Frequently Asked Questions

What are Premium Spots?

Premium Spots allows you to spotted more easily by our visitors and readers

Example of Premium Spots are

1. First page listing in our directory
2. Feature in development , eg a condo you are representing
3. Feature in our Wechat/Facebook post

You will need Points to buy these Premium Spots.  You can buy the Points or earn them by introducing agents to the network

Who can register as an agent?

Any real estate agent that is licenced to operate as an real estate agent In his country

What is the significant of Points?

66Agents uses points to rewards its partners . Points are used to redeem for Premium Spots

What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate need not be an property agent. The role of the affiliate is to help recruit more agents to the network. There is a $1000 joining fee to become an affiliate. An affiliate earns points and money by recruiting agents and promotions 66Agents Premium Spots.

Can an affiliate introduce someone any where in the world?

Yes, an affiliate is free to introduce any agent or affiliate in the world.

How does an agent or affiliate sells his points?

He can transfer his points to any member of A small admin fee of 2% of the points will be deducted for administration cost.

We will be listing agents and affiliates who wish to transfer their points.

How much points or cash does an affiliate earns?

An affiliate earns 15% of the revenue if his immediate downline spend at

He earns another 10% from his second level of introduction and another 5% from his third level of introduction.

What is a city Franchisee?

The role of a city Franchisee is to manage the relationship and support the developers, agents and agencies and other stakeholders in the real estate industry in the assigned territory. The city Franchisee is compensated from the revenues earned from territory

What is the cost of becoming a city franchisee?

Please email for more info.

Is there any partnership opportunity?

For more information on partnership, please email to

How Can I earn more points?

You can earn 50 points by Adding a Property in the Global Properties Directory

What is the ideal profile of an affiliate?

The affiliate should be someone who cares about the Agents, for instance, the team leader or manager.

The Affiliate earns Points and uses Points to assist in the marketing of the properties thereby keeping the marketing cost low for the agents.