About Us

Congratulations if you understand the wonders  of real estate. 
If you haven’t, it’s time to take a closer look
Why should  everyone must look deeper into Real Estate. 
It’s the single topic that will bring you tremendous wealth and joy if u avoid simple pitfalls.  Many businesses have reaped their wealth from real estate they own while their operating businesses enjoy moderate yields. Many individuals have quietly accumulated wealth through a second property and collect rent at the same time . 
Our business goal is to service two categories of entrepreneurs in the Real Estate Industry - Realtors and Interior Designers.
The knowledgeable  Realtor offers enormous value to the buyer, sellers, Tenants and investors.   
The  creative Interior Designer enhances value to your real estate by way of space optimization and create a desirable ambience for the occupants 
Our role at 66REAL.com is to connect you to the right  Realtors and interior Designers.