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Everyone knows how wonderful the real estate industry is. It has benefited many  real estate non-owners as well, including businesses and professionals. We believe this is true for online businesses in the Real Estate industry as well. 
You have heard of the new online 
Property giants like PropertyGuru, iProperty and Zillow. This is a rare chance to be among the Giants.
The vision of 66REAL is to help property agents reduce their marketing cost and also to encourage them to expand overseas.
At the core of 66REAL is an Global Agents Directory where agents can list for free. Once listed, it's open for potential customers or agents around the world to contact them.
In order to establish footprints in every city, has developed a platform that allows entrepreneurs to form a global consortium. The role of the Territory Partner is to build Neighbourhood Guides in his country. Training will be provided.
Each Neighbourhood Guide is a quick glance of the properties to assist the buyers or tenants to make a better decision .
Like most online business, the hours are flexible but the attitude and passion of the Territory Partners is key attribute to build successful venture. And if you think you have those attributes, we want you to be in our team.
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